The Law Society of Western Australia has developed the Quality Practice Standard in recognition of WA Lawyers striving to bring superior service standards to their clients by implementing improved procedures and practices.

These firms have gone through a long and timely process of streamlining and implementing new procedures to make their services consistently of a high standard.

Practices that have been accredited are audited each year to ensure that they are compliant with the standards. The Quality Practice Standard goes beyond the standards set out by State Legislation and Regulations which means that these firms need to maintain consistency in their internal practices and for client services of a higher level.

Any firm which uses the QPS Logo has been accredited by the Law Society of WA so that clients can be assured of a very high standard of service throughout their matter.

In our practice we have identified the areas which are of most stress to our clients and implemented procedures to alleviate these pressures.

We have adopted an ongoing client feedback system to ensure that our clients are getting the optimum service.

To find out more about the Quality Practice Standard please check the Law Society of WA website at