Initial Consultation

This consultation provides our clients with advice to rights and responsibilities in Family Law. This provides an opportunity to ask all those questions that are raised when faced with the situation of a separation. We provide this advice in as simple terms as possible so that clients do not get confused with complicated legal terms. It is important to us that clients understand the advice we are providing them with so that they can make the most informed choices.

Separation and Divorce

Financial separation and Divorce are actually two different matters as far as court procedures. You can actually deal with separating your financial assets and looking after children’s matters prior to your divorce.

De Facto Relationship Breakdown

To learn more about de facto relationship law, contact us today.

Binding Financial Agreements or ‘Pre nups’

These agreements can be drafted for de facto relationships, during marriage and after marriage or relationship has ended and can be useful especially when there are considerable assets to protect or to separate. To find out more about these agreements, contact us today.

Children’s Matters & Child Support

To learn more about how the court looks at children’s matter and child support, contact us today.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a reasonably new concept to be introduced to Australia. It is widely used in the United States and in Europe as a successful way to resolve the dispute. Our Senior Consultant is a qualified Collaborative Lawyer, for further information or to book an appointment, please either give us a call or use the contact us form.


Divorce renders any Will that you have voice so it is imperative for clients to have a new
Will drafted when separation occurs. Our Jo Lohrey, Solicitor, can assist you with
drafting a new Will. To have a consultation with Jo please give us a call or use our
contact us page.

Client Support Services

At Shann Family Lawyers, we understand that Family Law may not be the only service you require assistance with at this stressful time. We have identified a number of areas of service which you may find useful.

Adelaide office:

We have opened an office in Adelaide that specializes in Family Law matters. If this is convenient to you, please contact our family lawyers in that office.

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